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The Cook's Toolkit
The Cook's Toolkit by Clever Pumpkin.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Or more accurately, short story competitions.  I'm thrilled that my fiction has recently garnered a number of prizes and commendations.  My short story, Bittersweet, which combines my love of food with my great joy of murdering people on the page, recently won the New England Thunderbolt Prize.  

Bittersweet can be found on the Armidale Express website or the New England Writers' Centre website.   Sophie Masson was good enough to interview me for her blog Feathers of the Firebird.    That interview will appear this coming Saturday.

My story, Mister Switzerland, also recently won the Sydney Writers' Room Short Story Competition, while 3778 scored a high commendation in the Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers' Competition.  

Many thanks to the competition organisers; with special mention to Sophie Masson and MD Curzon.

Beef Bourguignon with Vegetables

Ah spring, what’s not to love?  The days are growing balmy but the nights are still cool enough to enjoy some hearty fare.

Traditionally vegetables such as mashed potato and beans are served separately with beef bourguignon, but I like to add them to the stew, then freeze leftovers in one person portions (around 400ml.)  Then during the week when I’m busy I can reach for takeaway at home.  Restaurant quality; one dirty pot and no cooking.  What more can you ask from a mid-week meal?  Anything slow cooked tends to reheat beautifully; why not make double so that you can have a night off from cooking during the week?

The wine I’ve used is about $11.00 per bottle.  Feel free to substitute it with the red wine of your preference, but bear in mind that this dish rests heavily on the flavour of the wine, so the wine you use should be something you would be prepared to drink rather than put in the petrol tank.