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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Dog Lasagne

Now that I've got your attention, perhaps I should mention that the town of Warragul is named after an Aboriginal word for "wild dog."  I'm calling this Warragul/Wild Dog Lasagne because it features sumptuous local produce: gorgeous Gypsy Pig free range organic pork fennel sausages and smoky/spicy Garfield pancetta.  If you're not lucky enough to have these at hand, then by all means use quality substitutes (or plain minced pork), but please do not be tempted to use surprise bangers from the supermarket or I'll be forced to come around to your place and cook it from scratch properly.

I love to add a layer of roasted seasonal vegetables to my lasagne. While making it lighter they also add a burst of contrasting flavour and nutritional value.  Pumpkin is perfect but whatever you use, make sure it's in season. The goat's cheese in the béchamel really adds a robust flavour dimension nuanced by the herbs and spices in the marinade.

Find the recipe on or in the latest edition of The Local Extra newspaper.

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