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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Wine Ragu

If anyone suggests to you that it's okay to use cheap wine in cooking, shoot them.  They're a waste of the earth's oxygen and there isn't a snowflake's chance in hell that any jury acquainted with ragu made from good wine will convict you.  

When cooking with red wine, common is the reluctance to simmer the wine until reduced to almost nothing, but the greater the reduction, the more intense the flavour – and therein lies the rub – good wine will reward you with intensely good flavour; crap wine will repay you in kind, so please, please do not be tempted to use one of those evil Clarsacs lurking behind every supermarket bottle shop counter; your tastebuds will kill themselves in protest, yelping all the while.

Rice, pasta, fondant or sauteed rosemary potatoes and steamed seasonal vegetables all go wonderfully with this gloriously cheap and simple, long-simmered, deeply satisfying winter comfort food.  Why eat mince when you can have red wine ragu?  Like all slow-cooked dishes, this one will not only stand up to a reheating but will thank you for it.  Make enough to reprise mid week and take the night off cooking. Reward your foresight and wisdom with a good glass in front of a good movie, then sink into the warm embrace of your winter bed.

Find the recipe on the Clever Pumpkin website.

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